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With over 50 years of combined die making experience, our toolmakers possess the knowledge and skills to help with any of your tooling needs. We specialize in designing and building progressive dies, stage tooling, slide tooling and components. We also offer support for existing tools providing any components you may require as well as any of your tool maintenance needs.



At Metal Form Engineering we have the experience, quality, and efficiency that you require for all of your stamping needs. Our press capacity ranges from 25 ton to 120 ton. With quality service and fast turnaround, we have the ability to fill any orders in a timely manner. From short run, medium run to high volume, our services in the metal stamping industry are something that you can rely on.



Metal Form Engineering can not only provide metal stampings through traditional punch press tooling but also via our Fourslide department as well. With both tooling and production capabilities, our Fourslide department can offer you options that can help reduce both tooling and production costs. With decades of experience, Metal Form Engineering can provide you with services such as Fourslide tooling, production and also refurbish and rebuild turnkey ready slides for you to run at your own facility.



Metal Form Engineering also offers CNC machining services for any parts you may need. Our fully equipped machine shop can provide you with an array of parts quickly, affordably, and with high quality results. From prototypes, short run to long running production parts, Metal Form Engineering can deliver the parts that you need.



We also offer wire EDM services. From semi-finished parts to fully finished components, when precision and tolerance are critical, Metal Form can provide you with EDM services that you can count on. Our EDM department services a wide array of industries from tooling for manufacturing, aerospace, and medical.



Do you have an idea or concept but are not quite sure how to bring it to final product? Metal Form Engineering offers prototyping services for all of your development needs. From design services, testing, reverse engineering, development and short run manufacturing of samples we can provide you with support at every step of the process.

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